Selected reviews on Mythologies

“What for me most succeeds as a sensible strategy of “Mythologies” is its drinking from the liquid of life to lubricate – for want of a better word – the foundations of the most primitive impulses in life; the seeking of enjoyment. Mission – or mythology – accomplished.”

Mick Buckingham, Fluid Radio

“Masaya Ozaki & Kaito Nakahori liberate sound with the soothing exploration of “Mythologies”. Tactile tiny sounds are amplified to give them a heavenly sheen. Rather beautiful the duo engages with thought-provoking arrangements that give it a mysterious aura. Over the course of the album various instruments interact in shadowy ways, representing a little of the sounds that so often are overlooked. Classical, electro-acoustic, electronics, these come together over the magnificent trip that takes place.”

Beach Sloth

"Imaginative visions of a fleeting universe made of bright contrasts and material grain."

So What

"Everything is still muffled in the combination of sound cards of the two Japanese artists, whose minute impulses of heterogeneous nature fill a sound space at the very moment in which they define its size, in a play of resonances and refractions not unlike that of the nuances of light that define the shape and substance of objects. “ (translated from Italian)

Music Won’t Save you

Selected reviews on Fluid And Dreaming Of Stripes

"Masaya Ozaki has crafted sparse beauty, allowing self-reflection to fill the negative spaces."

Tristan Jones, Sputinkmusci

“Ozaki’s patience in the spacing of his sounds slows the pace of life around them; the details of “mundane” human interaction and expression, and the microcosmic parallels that occur in nature (that we seldom slow enough to pay attention to) become far more apparent with Fluid and Dreaming of Stripes as their score.”

Philip James de Vries, Wide Angle Recordings

“supplemental to the natural progression of the order of things there is a human-run time, a secondary stream that carries with it airs of expectation in today’s society, certain predetermined areas of turbulence as we pass through key stages of growing up and movement into the great unknown of adulthood. Fluid And Dreaming of Stripes is kind of a softly spoken “fuck you” to these requirements and expectations, one that chooses to embrace a disconnect with societal pressures and drift on its own quiet path.”


“Fluid and Dreaming of Stripes is a yearning for warmth, a gentle stretching of mental limbs, a cold and curious night witnessed on an 8mm black and white film reel.”

A Closer Listen

"Masaya Ozaki has created eight small jewels of electro-acoustic minimalism, where everything seems linear and small movements determine the beauty of the compositions. Short jerks that showcase the Japanese architect's "architect" talent. To be listened to carefully.” (translated from Italian)

Nicola Orlandino, Son of Marketing